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Who's Heart Is On Fire?

Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa’s February 2016 Calendar

Oh My Goodness!  These little sweethearts were so much fun to photograph.  Jonah and Gracie.  They are the cutest!!!


As I sit here to write this, I just keep thinking of little Miss Gracie.  She was just learning to sit up and still a little unsteady.  She kept her hands folded as if in prayer. Even when she would start to tip over, she did not release her prayer hands. Such a doll!!

Jonah, now there’s a little man.  He too was just a doll.  So dapper in that hat.  Just like any other little man, it was difficult to keep that darn hat on.  After a little while, he got distracted making me laugh and we snuck in a few fun shots!

A special heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to Miss Shelly’s School of Dance!  http://goo.gl/yyK0wv for supporting DSAT.  It’s businesses like yours that help us to grow, offering more support and resources to our clients!

Thank You, Sweet Pea Couture carries the cutest tiny hats.  Just ask Jonah!  You have the cutest clothes and accessories for our littles!  http://goo.gl/GohQC5

Here’s a look at the business side of the calendar – check it out and see what’s going on at the studio this month.

Sign up for our email list to be the first hear the news!   https://goo.gl/DTII1f

We are on board to design and photograph the 2017 DSAT calendar.  Tell us what you would like to see.  We are always open for suggestions.  Heck, just chat with us – we love to hear from you!

Imaging 2016 Blog post!

I’m exhausted – and too excited to sleep!!!  We had such a successful trip to the annual photography expo in Atlanta, GA.

With over 600 venders, there is no doubt we brought new products home with us.  Tulsa senior photography will take on a new look with ART WALL images!


I am crazy for the Life Link Cards – I don’t even know how to explain it!  Basically it’s a personalized card with an image of you, your family, your pet, etc.  To check it out – download the “Live Portrait” app from the App Store or Google Play Store.   Once installed, scan this image.

(Image copied from marketing materials – I apologize to the photographer for not giving credit where credit is due.)


This product will be GREAT for Graduation Invitations, Cake Smash sessions, even birthday or Mother’s Day cards.  It gives a whole new meaning to singing Christmas cards!!  I can’t wait to get samples of this on the market!  Not interested in working that hard to see the product?  We’ll send a link as soon as we create a video demonstrating all the coolness!!!


Other products include soft wraps, stand outs, floating frames and many others.


FabBackdrops has requested we supply model images of our clients on their backdrops.  This will offer many more in-studio options for fabulous sessions!  They have also asked that we provide images of our favorite locations so they can turn them into backdrops for their product line.  How exciting is that!!!

Autumn Sissons Photography has signed up with Special Kids photography of America to become a fully trained and accredited photographer for those with special needs. This is so exciting as I absolutely loved working with the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa and can’t wait to expand, filling the needs of local parents that just want high quality portraits of their children!



While networking with other photographers, getting to rub elbows with the real pro-shooters, I was encouraged to enter some of my images into international competition.  That is very encouraging – and very scary!  I THINK I might try it – maybe. J  Here is a fun image from one of the 2015 winners.


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Carole  commented on  January 18th, 2016

Hope you had a good time. Can't wait to see new products.

Barbie  commented on  January 18th, 2016

Love the new art walls! Can't wait to see your amazing new backdrops!

Kia  commented on  January 18th, 2016

Art walls are a perfect masterpiece for a home! Keep me posted on the Life Link. I plan on sending a Life Link to distant family and it would be a great gift for Mother's Day!

Autumn  commented on  January 18th, 2016

You ladies are great. Kia, you might have to be my test model for the live link images! Barbie, I have ordered a logo backdrop just for Rayden. Carole, I had a blast. You have a senior coming up soon? We'll have to get him I front of the camera soon!!

Lovely Lady Lily on the moon








By now the 2016 Downs Syndrome Association of Tulsa (DSAT) Calendar is in homes and businesses across the Tulsa area and beyond.  Autumn Sissons Photography was so very honored to have had the opportunity to photograph these lovely youngsters.  They created memories that will forever be cherished. 

Little Miss Lily is the most precious moon beam I’ve ever seen.

Don’t you agree?  When she arrived she was a little bashful and did not want to sit on the moon.  We captured some awesome images on the way to the one chosen to be January’s calendar image.



Lily’s little sister Fay got in on the act as well.

Here’s what the days of January 2016 look like. 

Notice the 23rd is marked with stars?  Autumn Sissons Photography has a special announcement coming your way.  Sign up for our email list to be the first to hear the news!   https://goo.gl/DTII1f



We are on board to design and photograph the 2017 DSAT calendar.  Tell us what you would like to see.  We are always open for suggestions.  Heck, just chat with us – we love to hear from you!




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Shirley  commented on  January 12th, 2016

Where can we purchase these calendars?

Scott  commented on  January 14th, 2016

I think she is the cutest!!!

Tulsa Senior Pictures - Destiny

“Uh, well… I’m an artist. I want artistic Images…” Destiny  P.

How did we do Destiny?


Please, everyone,  share your thoughts and comments!

ASP & AUS Partnership!!

Autumn Sissons Photography

is partnering with

Anticipation Ultrasound Studio



Providing mommies-to-be and daddies-to-be with heartwarming, unique images of their bundle of joy, before and after the big event!


Your baby’s first photo doesn’t have to wait until after the baby is born! At Anticipation Ultrasound Studio you can watch your baby move and kick, listen to the heartbeat, and best of all – see your baby using amazing 3D and 4D technology! Parents receive pictures, a CD, a DVD (set to music) and video streaming to share with friends and families.


Picture perfect

How to look good in pictures.

Rest is the number one beauty application you can do.  If you are not rested, you can’t look or feel your best. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep for several days before your photo session.

Hydration is the second most effective beauty application.  Seventy-five percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated.  Not only does this affect the quality and appearance of the skin, it allows wrinkles to show more easily and causes flaky, dull skin.  Chronic dehydration allows toxins to build up in your system that can even cause skin discoloration.

If you are going to invest in professional portraits, please invest in the time to be well-rested and hydrated.

Engage with your photographer. The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the better the images will be.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, have conversations or even joke, laugh and cut-up.  These portraits will be your favorite!